Do you have an email that you would like to promote to specific titles or markets within the CPI?

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White Paper sponsorships provide an opportunity for sponsors to post technical papers from industry experts. The White Paper is hosted on and promoted through different media channels to drive leads. Generate profitable leads with this valuable online lead generation tool.

72% of readers said white papers are very useful or useful to stay informed about the CPI

Standard Offering:

  • Post up to 6 pages: $60 net/lead
  • Price includes email and advertising promotion

Click here to view the white paper archives. is designed to conveniently reconfigure to whatever device is being used. The website offers many more ways for the CPI community to connect with the latest industry news, technology, blogs, webinars, white papers, videos, awards and commentaries. More industry professionals rely on because it is data-rich, easy to use and compatible with smart phones and tablets.

• Total page views per month: 210,802
• Average sessions per month: 101,874
• 80% of readers use the Internet at work for business purposes for an hour or more each day


Rates are based on cost per thousand (cpm) impressions.
Due to traffic and based on demand, positions may be rotated to accommodate all advertisers.
Example – 40,000 ad impressions in a $76 cpm ad position would cost $3,040

  • Expanding Super Leaderboard (970×90 – 970×250): $138 cpm
  • Super Leaderboard (970×90): $110 cpm
  • Half Page (300×600): $110 cpm
  • Floater (970×90): $165 cpm
    Floater ad sticks to the bottom of the screen as user scrolls up and down on the website
  • Top Medium Rectangle (300×250): $97 cpm
  • Middle Medium Rectangle (300×250) $89 cpm
  • Bottom Medium Rectangle (300×250) $76 cpm

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Sample Ad Positions:

  • File formats:
    • .gif (animated or static), .jpg, HTML5
    • Max file size: 60K
    • 3rd Party Tags are accepted
      • Please contact sales representative for a list of supported vendors

Note on animated .gif format:
• Please make sure the ad continuously loops

Note on HTML5 format:

• Supported asset types: GIF, JPG, PNG, HTML, JS. Everything else must be placed inline within HTML or JS; binary types like fonts may be defined through data URIs. Ads are served as a single, full HTML document within an iframe. All CSS and all Javascript which references other assets must reside inline within this HTML document via style and script tags. Ad and its assets must be emailed with the HTML document in the root of this archive.

• If you cannot email your files, please upload via our FTP site. After submitting, send an email confirmation to John at [email protected].

USERID: produsr

Reach and Engage the CPI by sponsoring a webinar with Chemical Engineering

Chemical Engineering webinars are an engaging, measurable and cost-effective way to reach CPI professionals. By combining the immediacy of the Internet with the impact of streaming audio, video and live Q&A, Chemical Engineering webinars provide a dynamic marketing solution that accelerates the lead generation process and produces actionable results. 

We will actively promote your webinar to our subscriber and customer database. Your company will get the contact information for all of those who signed up to attend.

SINGLE-SPONSORED: advertiser develops the content

MULTI-SPONSORED: editorial staff develops the content (topics vary)

All Packages Include:

  • Chemical Engineering staff to moderate the webinar
  • Sponsor(s) recognized during the webinar
  • Online advertising (banner ads on Chemical Engineering’s website and e-newsletters)
  • Email promotion
  • Registration list with contact details
  • One-year archive on
  • Post-event promotion
  • Sponsor will receive the raw video file in MP4 format for marketing purposes

2022 Multi-Sponsored Webinar Topics:
• Sampling
• Explosion protection/pressure relief/rupture disks 
• Solids processing 
• Flow measurement 
• Automation & control 
• IIoT 
• Heat transfer 
• Mixing 
• Pumps/valves 
• Sustainability 

Click here to view the archived Chemical Engineering webinars. 
Register for a sponsored webinar and watch the audience view.

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  • 68.31% of readers said attending webinars are very useful or useful to stay informed about the industry
  • 77.89% of readers plan to attend a webinar
  • 38.24% of those readers indicated this is more than in previous years
  • Previous webinars have produced 300+ registrations with an average of 30% live attendance

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Video is becoming a more common marketing and lead-generation tool. Short videos showing technology demonstrations, how a product works, animation and technical interviews are commanding significant attention. Many companies already have some form of video or animation that they display at trade shows. Chemical Engineering can promote that video to our global audience to showcase your expertise in a specific area.

Do you have a great video that is a must-see for potential and current customers? Are you looking for an effective distribution outlet for that video that you worked so hard on? Well, we have just the program for you! The Chemical Engineering Video Program takes your content and leverages our reach in the CPI to give you a positive return on your video investment. 

88% of readers rely on video as a useful information source to stay informed about the CPI

Silver Package ($1,000 net per video)

Gold Package ($2,500 net per video)

Platinum Package ($4,500 net per video)

  • Targeted exclusive email blast to 10,000
  • Chemical Engineering emails promoting video
  • Dedicated exclusive landing page for video
  • Video placement in high-value top ad position on chemengonline. com (50,000 impressions)
  • Promotion in weekly e-newsletter, Chemical Engineering DIRECT
  • Video hosted on home page of in Video section for one month
  • Video hosted on Video landing page on for one year
  • Promotion on Chemical Engineering’s social media channels (Twitter and LinkedIn)
  • SEO benefits of video being featured on

Click here to download the PDF for package details.

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Chemical Engineering’s website offers an exciting and interactive opportunity to put your marketing message in front of the CPI audience while driving traffic to your own website and generating leads through the Test Your Knowledge Sponsorship.

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Sponsorship Features and Benefits:

  • An enjoyable way to educate decision makers about a new or existing technology, product or service
  • Sponsor’s brand can be promoted on 5-10 questions throughout the quiz
  • Sponsor’s logo featured on each page of the quiz
  • Enhanced marketing message through content marketing on a trusted, reliable industry website
  • Chemical Engineering promotes the monthly quiz on Twitter, LinkedIn and E-newsletters to increase your reach to the audience
  • Additional lead generation opportunities available

Sponsored Quiz Data:

  • Total completions: 6,552
  • Average completion per quiz: 789
  • Average leads per quiz: 238

Gain access to Chemical Engineering’s engaged decision makers on

More than 700 participants complete the quiz each month. 

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The Chemical Engineering Store offers new merchandise weekly, with quick and easy search options to locate the topics important to the CPI. It provides a variety of industry topics, including reference and guide books, top features, e-learning, wall charts and more. The bookstore includes resources on all aspects of engineering technology used by the chemical process industries. It covers the topics of chemical, biotech, process and handling, thermal and energy management, software, automation and control, environmental and safety, business and business services, economics, petrochemicals, and much more. Include your merchandise with the Store’s products to reach the CPI’s engineers and decision makers.

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Partner with Chemical Engineering to gain valuable insight from the CPI decision makers. Survey the Chemical Engineeringaudience on your products, brand or industry topics. Select the demographics on our rate card to pull a targeted audience for your survey. Click here to make your selections.